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We are in!

One more year Corporis joins NVOGA Real Estate Agency participating in the III Paddle Tournament of Solidarity of the Real Estate Sector COSTA DEL SOL that will be held the weekend of the 3rd – 4th and 5th of June in the RACQUET CLUB VILLA PADIERNA, in Estepona.



Torneo benéfico Pádel Nvoga Marbella



But no, we will not be there competing (although some of us are not bad at paddle tennis😉), but doing what we do best: physiotherapy.


This is a charity tournament that NVOGA, one of the leading real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol, is working hard to prepare and whose benefits go to various associations and entities.


As in previous years, Corporis will be setting up a charity marquee where we will be holding treatment sessions for tournament participants and anyone else who would like to come along. The prices will be symbolic, and the aim is to raise as many funds as possible, which will be donated this year to the Cesare Scariolo Association, whose work is directly aimed at helping children suffering from leukaemia and lymphoma (and other types of cancer) and their families who, due to their illness, are forced to move away from their place of residence.


Let’s hope that together we can raise a good amount of money. What is already clear is that the event itself is going to be magnificent!

We are waiting for you!



Ironman 70.3

Sport is good for your health, that much is clear to everyone. Along with the growing trend of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, the desire to compete among amateur sportsmen and women is also on the increase. One of the fastest growing in recent years is running, mainly because it is a relatively low-budget sport that can be practised anywhere and independently.

Running-related sporting events have been growing in number, importance, participants, distances, and variants. Just a few days ago, for example, we told you about the celebration last weekend of one of the toughest national events, the 101 km Ronda, in which more than 6,700 athletes completed their races in time and for which we at Corporis worked during the previous weeks with some of the participants.

The same is true of another legendary event to be held this coming weekend in Marbella: the IRONMAN 70.3, organised by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), which combines swimming (1.9 km), cycling (90 km) and running (21.1 km) in the same circuit, making a total distance of 70.3 miles and which will have qualifying places for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2022 to be held in October in the desert of St. George, Utah (USA).

Marbella once again presents itself as a magical enclave for high-level sport and it is something we can only be proud of.

This increasingly professionalised sport is leading many individuals to enter a world that, until now, they had only contemplated as amateurs. But preparing for demanding events such as the 101 km or the Ironman requires not only a very careful training plan but also the monitoring of many other factors. For this reason, professionals surround themselves with multidisciplinary teams of nutritionists, doctors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists, with whom they draw up their work plans in order to arrive at the events in optimal conditions to obtain the best results and prevent injuries.

At Corporis, our osteopaths and physiotherapists are highly specialised in the treatment of both amateur and top-level sportsmen and women.

With the support of ultrasound diagnosis and the most advanced Invasive Physiotherapy Techniques, we can treat and prevent all types of injuries with the best results and significantly shortening recovery times. We accompany our athletes in their preparation schedule with strategic sessions and in post-competition recovery.

Behind a good athlete there must always be a good team that accompanies, advises and cares for them with the utmost professionalism. And that is exactly what we at CORPORIS do with our patients.

Fisioterapia Malaga

Everything is ready for the celebration of one of the most iconic races in the province of Malaga (and Andalusia) this weekend: ✔️The 101 Km Legión RONDA 2022✔️ organised by the Tercio Alejandro Farnesio IV of the Legion and for which Corporis has been preparing some of our athletes, such as our champion Sonia Téllez (who participated just a few days ago, coming third in the 1st Nordic Walk held in Marbella) and Pepi Franco Gallego, who have been preparing for this race under the physiotherapeutic supervision of Sabino and Wouter Brons under the supervision of Jorge.

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️The race, in which 9,000 participants from 25 different countries will compete and where more than 900 legionaries, 10 doctors, 11 nurses and more than 300 volunteers will collaborate, will be held from Saturday and in a period of 24 hours, from 11:45 am, in individual foot race and team walk, the athletes will have to complete the 101 km to reach the Alameda del Tajo, also in Ronda 🏞️. Those taking part in the individual MTB 🚴‍♀️ discipline have less time, as they will have 12 hours.


As a novelty, this year, the race can be followed by the local television Charry TV, the production company Zima Visuales and the Youtube channel of the speaker of the race, Pedro Guerrero Chito, so we won’t miss it!


It is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited races in the area and one that we at Corporis have been focusing our attention on in the weeks leading up to it, preparing some of the competitors. To the 101 km Ronda organisers, Sonia, Pepi, Wouter and all the others who will give their all….


How well things work out when they are done with people who, in addition to professionalism, put in a lot of effort and joy!!! And that is exactly what has happened this past weekend, with the I Nordic Walking Race organised in Marbella, scoring for the Andalusian Cup and of which we already told you just a few days ago that the registrations had flown: it has been AN AUTHENTIC SUCCESS!

It was organised by the Marbella Climbing Club (which, in case you don’t know them yet, is a club with a great sporting and personal philosophy of teamwork and unity, and with extensive experience in organising this type of activity) together with the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation, the Marbella Town Hall and the collaboration of many other collaborators and sponsors, including CORPORIS, so, with such a team, nothing could go wrong


And so it was! The Nagüeles Park where the Nordic Walk was held was filled with athletes from Marbella, but also from other parts of Andalusia from where many clubs, such as Linares, Sevilla, Huelva, Almeria and even participants from the Basque Country, came from!  Even the weather was with us from early in the morning. More than 220 participants gathered to enjoy the sport in a wonderful setting.


From Corporis we were collaborating with the participants after the race, and you can see in the photos that we didn’t stop…



We met many familiar faces, some of them patients we attend to and even sponsor, such as María Maestro, the president of CEM, Juan Carlos Cabello, who was the winner in the men’s category, and Sonia Téllez, who came in a well-deserved third place in the women’s category.  CONGRATULATIONS to them and to all the participants!!!



Sonia tellez


Foto grupo Marcha Nórdica ciudad de Marbella



We are happy to announce that on the 1st of May we will be covering the athletes who will participate in the I Marcha Nórdica Ciudad de Marbella 2022, a qualifying event of the Andalusian Cup of Nordic Walking and organized by our friends of the Marbella Climbing Club (CEM), the Marbella Town Hall and the Andalusian Federation of mountain sports, climbing and hiking.

Fisioterapia deporte marbella


This is the first time that the city hosts the Andalusian Cup of Nordic Walking and the CEM, an institution in Nordic Walking formed by more than 450 lovers of mountain sports, has been in charge of its organization by developing a circular route of just over 3 kilometres to which there will be 4 laps to complete the total 13 kilometres of the event.


The race will take place in the park of Nagüeles, at the foot of Sierra Blanca in a beautiful pine forest with views of the mountains and the sea and the registrations have been completely sold out for days. In fact, it took only 19 hours to sell out the 200 places that went on sale on the 5th of April and they had to open more places due to the overwhelming success!


From Corporis Fisioterapia we will be attending the walkers during the race and at the end with our team of therapists and a great desire to enjoy a day of sport, family and friends. We invite you to come and watch the race which will start at 10:00 and, of course, to meet us!


You can find more information about the event on the Marbella Climbing Club website.

Dear patients, from today 22nd of April we open the doors of our centre to attend to emergencies and all those treatments that cannot be delayed any longer.

To do this, we have adopted the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health in terms of control and prevention of COVID 19.

If you need to make an appointment you can do so via WhatsApp or by calling 951408051!!

We send you a lot of strength and encouragement!

In the PREVIOUS POST we saw the importance of having a correct LUNG FUNCTION and how to have an approximate ASSESSMENT of it.

In this post we are going to explain how we can improve this lung function at HOME, through physical activity and breathing exercises and, thanks to the home test of the previous post, check our improvements in our FVC (Forced Vital Capacity).

Click on the following link to see how to improve your lung function and how to measure it at home:

How to improve lung function Corporis

Remember that we are at your disposal on 951408051- 640583788 or at info@corporisfisioterapia.com.

Dear Corporis patients:

At Corporis we want to help you in this stage of confinement and state of alarm caused by Covid-19 by answering your questions online.

To do so, you can write to us using the contact form on this website and we will answer you as soon as possible.



We also offer a TELEASSISTANCE service to follow up treatments and even carry out sessions in the services where it is possible to do so by phone or video call, such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Coaching

Ask us about your case without obligation and we will assess the best way to help you.

Good health to all!



In this post we show you a simple way to measure lung function. This will be of great value both for people who want to carry out a preventive control of it, as well as for those who are recovering from an infectious process in the respiratory tract.

Click on the following link to access the document where you will find out how Covid-19 affects lung function, the importance of maintaining good lung function and how you can monitor its evolution at home using a home test:

Validation of cardiopulmonary capacity Covid-19

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