Our Training Groups are back starting in APRIL. Individual and couple sessions also available.

  • Our physiotherapy clinic in Marbella boasts 270 m2 of facilities with the latest technology in the field of physical medicine

    Diathermy, radiofrequency, Focal Shock Waves, Neuromodulation, High Resolution Ultrasound, Percutaneous Electrolysis, Sports Readaptation…

  • Integrative Physiotherapy

    Combination of traditional techniques with the latest technological advances.

Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic in Marbella

Our clinic relies on specialized personnel trained in the latest physiotherapy techniques.

Our physiotherapy clinic in Marbella has been working since 2008 at the service of our patients, constantly innovating to offer the most effective techniques in the treatment of health. To do this we have combined all the good things that offer classical therapies that have been well known for many years such as Physiotherapy, General Medicine, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Exercise, Psychology and techniques of recent implementation in physical medicine for the care and recovery of health such as Neuromodulation, Ultrasound, Shock Waves, Electrolysis, Diathermy, Functional Training, Coaching, Bioenergetics, Body Rolling and Holistic Kinesiology.

The human body is a perfect structure, formed by different systems that are interconnected by a multitude of physical, chemical, neural and energetic mechanisms, making it an INDIVISIBLE UNIT. That is why it is extremely important to have an integrative vision of health, since we usually find that the cause of the injury is not where it hurts, but a consequence of it.

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Feedback from our patients

Because your recovery is our greatest satisfaction

I have been regularly coming to “Corporis”, appreciating the professionalism and humane treatment that the whole team knows how to provide and I have repeatedly sent my family and my best friends, with the certainty that they would thank me, just as it has been each and every single time.

Testimonio de Sergio Scariolo sobre Corporis Fisioterapia

Great professionalism. This is the second time that I have been treated for plantar fasciitis (as annoying as it is), in an effective and fast way. You will feel the improvement from the first session. Very happy with their work.

Opiniones de Corporis Advanced Therapies

I came to Corporis to try to get back to running, after suffering from acute sciatica and discovering I had a herniated disc. Just 6 weeks after starting the treatment to which I came with no strength in my leg, I was already running.

I would recommend 100% to trust the professionals at Corporis.

Opiniones de Corporis Advanced Therapies

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