Dear patients, in view of the measures adopted by the government after the Council of Ministers held yesterday, at Corporis we have adopted a series of measures to contribute to this health emergency situation. We have therefore taken the decision to maintain minimum care services for the duration of this crisis:


  1. We will attend to all those emergencies of the musculoskeletal apparatus (physical ailments, injuries, lumbago, cervical pain, etc.) that would otherwise further saturate the hospital emergency services and also expose us to a significant risk of contagion.


  1. We will assist all those patients who have already started their rehabilitation with us, for whom the fact of suspending their treatments for 2 weeks would significantly condition their recovery.


  1. We will maintain a minimum home care service for those patients who are within the premises described above and who also belong to a population at risk (elderly or immunosuppressed patients) or who are unable to travel to our centre due to their illness. To this end, we will maintain all the health safety measures recommended by the Ministry of Health for this purpose (


  1. We will attend by telephone or by mail to all those patients who so wish, giving recommendations and therapeutic guidelines that they can follow during the period of home confinement.


  1. The Medical Nutrition and Coaching service can be provided by telephone or by Skype.


For more information you can contact us by calling 951408051, by Whatsapp at 640583788 or by email at

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