Holistic Kinesiology

Holistic Kinesiology is an integral therapeutic method by means of which, with a quick and simple test, it is possible to know what causes are disturbing the patient’s health. It is a diagnostic method that allows us to observe the individual as a whole, taking into account that a particular problem or physical discomfort may be caused by a combination of several factors: physical, metabolic, psychic and energetic.

Normally when an ailment or disease with unknown cause appears (it has started progressively and without apparent cause), it is due to the sum of several factors that have been impacting the patient’s health in the course of the last few years. These factors can be very varied: minor accidents or falls, emotional impacts in the family, work or personal environment, inadequate eating or physical hygiene habits, etc.

Each of these factors acts on the body like a corrupted computer program acts on a computer making it difficult for it to function properly. With Kinesiology, we can detect each of the “programs” that have altered the patient’s health and treat them, removing them from the body and thus allowing normal functioning patterns to be restored. To do this we start from the basic principle of self-healing that every living organism has, acting on the mechanisms that have blocked this existing potential in the body.

The session begins with an anamnesis of the patient, biomechanical and palpatory physical examination of muscle and joint tensions.

Once the factors that cause the patient’s problem have been detected, the treatment or treatments to be carried out in that session and successive sessions are explained, as well as the prognosis of how long the patient’s recovery will last.

Then, with the patient’s consent, the therapy begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with physical pain, from children to elderly people.

The treatment is completely painless, the session is carried out with the patient lying down or sitting and performing a slight traction of the arms for the well known AR Test.

It depends on each case, but usually it ranges from 2 to 6 sessions.

It depends on each case, but normally it is recommended to wait from 3 to 6 weeks between each session.

In short evolution or acute pathologies, we can find everything that the body needs to solve in a single session and treat it with spectacular results.

In chronic or long evolution pathologies or diseases, they usually involve an accumulation of circumstances that have been adding up over the years as the cause of the ailment. To understand this, consider that the body is like a big box where we keep everything that happens to us throughout our lives, both the good things and the not so good things. The latter fill this box until there is no more room, if this happens, then the body begins to generate symptoms, injuries or diseases that limit its function.

To solve this, we must respect the healing rhythms of each patient, which depend on the constitutional typology of the individual, the age, the state of the metabolism, the diet, rest, etc.

This means that two people of similar ages with the same pathologies can recover at very different rates even if they are subjected to the same treatments.

  • Duration

    The first session lasts 1h and the following check-ups last 45min.

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